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Customized solutions

RUNCOGNITION’S ACR technology can facilitate various custom solutions based on your business needs and requirements.

Advertisers and media agencies for example strive to enhance their monitoring of broadcasted commercials, measure the online response of the audiences and synchronize tv feed commercials with SEA and display marketing in order to improve ROI and get the maximum out of second screen usage. Copyright and media assets owners want to control and manage the usage of their material without being dependent on third parties’ unverified information. Companies storing big AV data are keen to use more efficiently their server capacities or merge databases with ease by deduplication (elimination of duplicated copies), clear and manage copyright protected content uploaded by third parties through user-friendly frontend solutions. You have a specific idea or a question on how you would like to benefit from RUNCOGNITIONS’ capabilities? Our R&D team can offer the precise custom solution for your needs.

Broadcast ad tracking second screen impact analysis synchronisation of TV and online

Database management

Efficient server space usage Data deduplication Copyright check

Media assets

Usage and licensing audit Copyright management Real-time control

Specific requirments

1. Share your requirments with us. 2. We offer a working solution. 3. You decide if it is the right one!

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