Automatic AV-Content Recognition Solution  



RUNCOGNITION monitors linear media feeds 24/7 and detects autonomously every kind of AV content, commercial brakes, the single TV ads in them, split- and in-screen commercials.


The sophisticated, reliable image-based and audio-supported fingerprinting technology guarantees an accurate distinction between even slightly different video versions.

Data management

Flawless data recording and database management through proficient software processes and algorithms. The CMS utilizes automated metadata enrichment and a user-friendly frontend.

AV feed

The signal feeds from various transmissions are converted into IP-streams that are continuously processed by the servers running RUNCOGNITION …

Identification and data log

… and matched against comprehensive databases of audio-video content. This way it is recognized and recorded within seconds after the airing.

New content management

In case of unknown content with certain preset characteristecis the system detects it  and provides a suggestion list in order to insert it in the databse.

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TV marketing industry 4.0

Broadly affordable TV tracking, TV2Web moment marketing and second-screen-based TV impact analysis started a revolution in media planning and buying making . The Industry benefits tremendously from these innovative capabilities that enable significant enhancements in campaign effectiveness and deliver real-time, full market transparancy.

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Media asset management

Manage media assets rights and licenses with ease and capitalize fully on your intellectual work and property. Get full transparency on broadcasted movies, TV series, music videos, commercials and all other protected audiovisual contents. RUNCOGNITION can be applied on every type of linear AV media feed and on digital AV libraries & archives.

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Custom solutions

Automated, reliable and accurate monitoring capabilities can find diverse applications. You are interested in an alternative implementation of the audio-visual recognition capabilities of the software? Get in touch with us and our Research&Development team will propose a customized solution for your specific needs and requirements. 

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Further advantages


RUNCOGNITION runs on Linux and therefore no MS Licenses are required. The hardware requirements are significantly lower than for competitive products.  

Proven reliability

Continuously used and improved by the leading TV-Ad-tech provider in Germany, considered to be the most data-driven and advanced market world-wide.