ACR-Based Innovation With Traditions
24/7 TV Tracking: Full Market Transparency

The German TV-Ad-Tech Success Story

Germany is the pioneer in real-time TV tracking and monitoring and the advertisers in the country currently enjoy the most sophisticated and data-driven TV market in the world. 

Through steadily running cooperations with leading TV Ad Tech providers on the German-speaking market we constantly get and implement the daily feedback based on the current needs and the requirments of the TV-marketing industry. This in turn enables the majority of media agencies and advertisers from our region to profit from cutting-edge ACR software utilization.

TV-Advertising Market Transparency

24/7, accurate to the second tracking of all aired TV ads facilitates databanks with information on whole markets. Such database platforms can deliver daily updated, detailed information about every single commercial airing, campaign, brand and advertiser represented in TV.

In Germany for example the generated information includes ad length, version, start and end time, gross media spending, tv channel, as well as tv program and commercial brake environment – EPG data, number of ads, duration and position in the commercial brake.

Upon customized inquiry the data platform can also generate complex TV-strategy brand/multi-brand competitive analysis, exportable data sheets and graphics just in seconds thanks to a user-friendly interface.

TV2WEB Moment Marketing

Real-time TV tracking & content recognition enable synchronization of TV and online campaigns and the efficient targeting of potential clients on second screens during broadcasts. This real-time alignment increases both traffic and the conversion rates. Thanks to the immediate recognition of TV ads push signals can be sent within 3 seconds from broadcast start. This way online measures can be promptly triggered in parallel to target TV airings.

TV Impact Measurements

TV advertising impact analysis based on second-screen response can measure the immediate effect of TV airings on websites and apps and deliver information on the performance of every ad version in different advertising environment. 

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License Options

Country, regional, exclusive and non-exclusive licensing possible


Optional CMS, frontend customization and staff training available

TV Campaign Tracking

Track campaign airing times precise to the second in real-time without the need to wait for broadcast post logs or dependence on 3rd party unverified data.

Full Markt Databank

Track, generate and record full coverage market data by monitoring all TV feeds relevant to your TV advertizing market needs and requirments.

Impact Analysis

Analyse TV and Web data, identify TV attributed traffic uplifts and measure objectively the exact impact of every single TV commercial airing.

TV&Web Synchronisation

Improve advertizing Impact by synchronizing online activities with airings on TV. Boost SEA and adjust Display during TV broadcasts.   

Advantages & Capabilities

No limitation on the number of monitored TV feeds
High precision ad versions identification
Accurate to the second data generation and logs
Allows matching against comprehensive databases
Proven reliability and data quality
Low tech requirements and running costs

Utilization & Benefits

Full TV market coverage and transparency
Advanced TV&Web marketing capabilities
Objective and detailed TV Impact analyses
Cutting-edge TV marketing effectiveness optimization
Real-time and retrospective competitive monitoring
Reducing personal costs and enhancing TV budget spending