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Know-how and innovation since 1996

Milberg Group is a cross-media tech and service provider based in Munich. It was founded in 1996 by Carolina Milberg. In 2001 Andreas Steinrücke took over the already successful and well known brand, extending its services and client base.

Initially a TV production service, today the company advises  clients on performance-oriented TV and online strategy and data-driven TV media booking.

As early as 2001 the company launched the division “spotdata”, the first b2b Internet platform for the advertising industry in Europe, which linked through a database solution TV data with video content. In 2003, the “spotdata” brand entered into a joint venture. Since then, as a service provider to various platforms, this division has focused exclusively on the generation, delivery and editing of content.

In the spring of 2008, the Launch Group was launched as a division especially dedicated to the creation of online TV content (WebTV) aiming at specific target groups’ affinities.

In 2017 Milberg acquired all rights on the software now known as RUNGOGNITION and provides since then its advanced capabilities to leading media industry stake holders on the biggest European TV markets.